Important Dates and Reminders

Annual Assessment Reminder:

Annual lot assessment (HOA fee) invoices are mailed (usually by December 1st) after following-year fees are approved by the membership at the AGM in November.  Payments are due on or before January 15th.

Pursuant to Board Policy 2-1, if an assessment is not paid in full on or before that date, a late charge is imposed and the unpaid portion of the assessment will bear interest until paid. Payments received after the due date will be applied first to the late charge, then to accrued interest, and only thereafter toward the assessment.

At any time on or after January 16th, liens may be recorded against lots to secure eventual recovery of all unpaid amounts (including interest that has accrued or continues to accrue). Any such liens would also secure eventual recovery of the County’s lien recording fee.

Owners are encouraged to pay their assessments promptly following receipt of invoices.

Nominations of Trustee Candidates

Trustee candidates should be nominated by the September Board meeting to be profiled in the AGM data packet and names placed on the AGM ballot. Nominations are the responsibility of the HHMC Nominating Committee, but can also be made by any member at a regular Board of Trustees meeting.

Mowing Requirements for Undeveloped Lots 

Letters are sent to owners of undeveloped Highland Hills lots in February notifying them of the annual requirement for lot weed mowing and noxious weed control that must be performed during the Board established HHMC Mowing Season (normally June & July).  Lot owners who wish to participate in the annual HHMC Mowing Program must respond with their request by mid-March.

Owners of undeveloped lots who elect to not participate in this year’s HHMC Mowing Program are reminded that during the Board established Mowing Season they must either mow their own lots or arrange directly with third parties to mow them. The standards applicable to the mowing of undeveloped lots are contained in Board Policy 11-1 

Backflow Preventer Inspection Program

The PUD requires annual testing and certification of the backflow preventer/check valve between their water supply system and your outdoor irrigation system.  HHMC has negotiated a group rate with a certified backflow tester that home owners can subscribe to annually.  Owners who do not participate in the group program are responsible for arranging their own inspection and testing.

Testing is normally done in April each year. Details regarding sign-up and costs will be published here and in The Highlander each spring.

Outdoor Burning:

Effective January 1, 2009, all outdoor burning in Highland Hills is prohibited, with the exception of “recreational fires” and “weed-control spot burning” (each as defined in Board Policy 3-6).  Weed control spot burning is banned by HHMC during periods of Clallam County burn bans.

25 MPH Speed Limit:

The speed limit throughout Highland Hills is 25 mph. The Clallam County Sheriff’s Department is authorized to enforce it.

During icy and rainy periods streets and hills can be very slippery.  Great caution should be observed while driving on our roads during adverse condition periods.  When there are snow accumulations of an inch or greater the streets will get plowed, but not necessarily quickly nor often.  Limited de-icing measures are also undertaken on frosty days, but again extreme caution (driving and walking) should be employed.

For driving tips see the 'Winter Road Safety' topic in the 'Safety & Awareness' section of the HHMC webpage.